W. A & Sons Corporatiom founded in the year 1988 and now an icon in the field of Surgical Instruments manufacturers, with decades of rich and professional experience, we are extremely pleased to present this updated version of Catalogue of high quality Surgical Instruments.

Since establishment of W. A & Sons Corporatiom in Sialkot, a center of production of world renowned Surgical Instruments, we have been manufacturing these instruments and from the interaction of the accumulated know-how, the high quality craftsmanship and with most modern equipment in production house in the impressive and environment friendly building, we as a reputable company produce the high quality instruments.

We have acquired a vast selection of instruments for almost all surgical disciplines. W. A & Sons Corporation products are exported to all the continents of the world and liked by Medical Professionals/ Doctors, Surgeons, Para-medical professionals, Hospital Administrators, Pathologists, Radiologists, Physiotherapists, Distributors/traders, importers and Senior Professionals from both Government and Private Hospitals W. A & Sons Corporation is supported by the induction of the quality management and assurance system according of BS EN ISO 9001, CE Mark and cGMP FDA, USA Certification. This demonstrates our traceability and competitive strength.

We further want to not only ensure our valued consumers for our high quality products but also guarantee our products to satisfy environmental and moral standards. We have excellent working conditions in our works where the goods are produced. Thus our products will be more competitive and can maintain their niche in the market with our highest environmental and social compliance standards.

Certifications: ISO9001:2000, CE Mark, cGMP-USA